Earth Observation
Small Satellite
Spacecraft Systems and Sub Systems
ISRO has a rich experience of design, manufacture, launch and operation of both Communication satellites and Remote Sensing satellites. With such technical and operational capability, Antrix can offer various spacecraft systems / sub-systems to it customers.

Communication Satellites And Platforms

Antrix leverages the rich experience that ISRO had garnered over the four decades of Indian Space Programme and the experience of building 56 satellites combining all kinds, ie- Remote Sensing, Communication and Scientific/Experimental. With such on-orbit and historical heritage, Antrix offers three standardized flight proven satellite platforms in the weight class of 1000 to 3500 kg. These platforms, named as I-1K, I-2K and I-3K(I stands for INSAT) , along with the required payload as a total spacecraft. Antrix also offers these platforms with payload supplied by EADS-Astrium as part of Antrix–Astrium alliance for meeting the requirements of global customers of commercial communication satellites. The satellites based on these platforms deliver cost effective solution for telecommunications and broadcasting applications with a payload DC power of up to 4.5 kW and overall spacecraft power 6kW. INSAT series of satellites have a cumulative in-orbit heritage of more than 45 years. The satellites are built under most stringent international quality standards. Antrix uses ISRO Satellite Integration and Test Establishment (ISITE) to manufacture the satellite which is equipped with a 100,000 class of clean room with an area of almost 2000 sq. meter. It also houses all the test facilities like 9m thermovac chamber, 29t shaker, Zero G Fixture, Compact Antenna Test Facility, Mass Properties Test facility etc. Antrix offers a very flexible schedule and competitive price for the satellite projects and maintains a policy of transparency with the customers during the satellite building phase.

ISRO Satellite Integration and Test Establishment
Earth Observation Satellites

Antrix offers reliable satellite solutions for a variety of Earth Observation missions in different spectral bands and spatial resolution with the proven heritage of Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites for land, ocean and atmospheric observations

Spacecraft Subsystems

Antrix ensures the best value through flexibility in design and manufacture to suit user requirements. Antrix offers satellite sub systems designed for effective integration including Spacecraft Structure, Thermal , Mechanisms, Power Systems, Communication Systems and Attitude orbit control system.

Spacecraft Bus:

Antrix has proven spacecraft bus to offer

 I-1000(I-1K) bus for 1000kg class of satellite ideal for most small  communication and meteorological satellites.  Download Brochure
 I-2000(I-2K) bus for 2000kg class of satellites ideal for most of medium level  communication payloads.  Download Brochure
 I–3000(I–3K) bus for advanced communication satellites of 3000 kg class with  DC power up to 4.5k.  Download Brochure

Thermal Systems :

Antrix offers thermal control sub-systems like:

 VHRR cooler
 Heat Pipes
 Rigid OSR (Optical Solar Reflector)
 Multilayer insulation (MMI) materials and
 Temperature sensors
Spacecraft Mechanisms :

Antrix can supply various spacecraft mechanisms that have performed with accurate precision. These include:

 Solar array deployment mechanism
 Camera hold down and release mechanism.
 Solar sail / boom deployment mechanism.
 Solar flap drive and damper mechanism. ss
 Antenna reflector deployment mechanism.
 Zero –g simulation system
 Solar array drive assembly (SADA)
 Antenna pointing mechanism

The Spacecraft mechanism derives a large on orbit heritage and proven operational life.

Power Systems :

Spacecraft batteries, solar arrays and power electronics are available through Antrix.

 Spacecraft batteries: Lithium Ion Batteries, Nickel Cadmium Batteries, Nickel  Hydrogen  batteries.
 Solar arrays: Silicon and GaA's Solar arrays with required power generation  capabilities made  of high efficiency solar cells.
 Power Electronics: Capable of power handling from 40W to Hybrid Micro circuit  DC / DC  converters, EMI / EMC filter modules, DC / DC converter regulators and  High Voltage Bus  power system etc.,

Communication Systems :

 Receivers - VHF, S, C, C+, Ku band.
 TM Transmitters - VHF, S, C, C+, Ku band.
 Data Transmitters / Beacon – C / X / Ku Band

Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS) :

Attitude and Orbit Control system is also termed as Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS), the systems offered are:

 Attitude and orbit control electronics (AOCE) / on board Bus Management Unit  (BMU)
 Attitude Sensors like Sun Sensors, Earth Sensors, Star Sensors and  Magnetometers.
 Inertial sensors and actuators like Dynamically tuned Gyros and Inertial Reference  Unit (IRU) and Inertial System Actuators like Momentum Wheels and Reaction  Wheels

Propulsion Systems offered are :

 Propellant Tanks
 Liquid Apogee Motors (LAM)
 Attitude Control Thrusters
 Latch Valves, fill and drain valves
 Pressure transducers

PSLV on Launch Pad Bangalore City from Cartosat-2 Moon craters from Chandrayan-1

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