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IRS constellations of satellites are operationally maintained and updated Earth Observation Satellites, offering data in various spectral, spatial and temporal resolutions. These satellites are time tested and have proven track record. IRS data has been of immense use not only in India but globally.

Antrix offers the best of IRS to its global users. It offers these data in a multi resolution package of 1m, 2.5m, 5m, 23m, 56m and 180m with suitable spectral resolutions for a host of divergent applications.

Antrix is reaching out to varied users of IRS data across all continents through its network of receiving ground stations and resellers. At present over 20 international ground stations are receiving IRS satellite downlink and over 20 resellers are selling IRS data products.

Presently data from Cartosat-2, Cartosat-1, Resourcesat-1, and Oceansat-2 is being offered. Archive data from Oceansat-1 and IRS 1C/1D is also available. Soon Resourcesat-2 will be launched in Resourcesat series and Cartosat-3 is planned in Cartosat series thus, ensuring data continuity with advanced technological improvements.

Near future Antrix will also enter into radar imaging data.

Antrix aims to provide its global users, data continuity, reliability, quality, affordability and suitability.

Antrix also offers archived data from the following satellites.

Oceansat-2 Ocean Monitoring Data from Oceansat-2: It is a dedicated mission for ocean monitoring and addressing the oceanographic applications in a more concerted manner.  More Details.
Cartosat-2  Resolution better than 1m in panchromatic band (0.5 m 0.85 m) with 9.6 Km  swath.   More Details.
2.5m resolution PAN-A and PAN-B in stereo mode in panchromatic band (0.5 m 0.85 m) with 30 Km swath. More Details.
This is a multi sensor versatile Satellite, having  5m LiSS-4 PAN with 70 Km swath (Single band) 5m LiSS-4 Mx with 23 Km swath (3 bands) 23.5m LISS-3, with 140 Km swath (4 bands) 56m AWiFS with 740 Km swath (4 bands). More Details.
Ocean Monitoring Data from OCEANSAT-1: It is a dedicated mission for ocean monitoring and addressing the oceanographic applications in a more concerted manner. More Details.
5m PAN with 56 Km swath (Single band)
20m LISS-Mx with 140 Km swath (4 bands)
180m WiFS with 800 Km swath (3 bands). More Details.


PSLV on Launch Pad Bangalore City from Cartosat-2 Moon craters from Chandrayan-1

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