Remote Sensing Services

Antrix offers data from the constellation of Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites to international customers.  Currently, Antrix markets IRS data and services from RISAT-1, RESOURCESAT-2, CARTOSAT-1 and OCEANSAT-2 satellites. 

Antrix has established ground stations, outside india, for direct receiving and processing of IRS data. 

Antrix undertakes establishment of IRS Ground Systems for customers, offering turn-key solutions for receiving systems, upgrading of existing ground systems with mission-specific hardware and software.

Currently operational IRS Ground Stations (IGS)

  • Norway for RISAT-1
  • Algeria and Germany for Cartosat-1
  • Germany for Resourcesat-2
  • Germany and UK for Oceansat-2


Antrix Corporation Limited (ACL), is a wholly owned Government of India Company, under the administrative control of Department of Space (DOS).